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Padding the pommel

  1. Cut another piece of high impact foam 1-3/4" wide and 9.5-10" long. This piece should be wide enough to cover the height of the pipe cap plus about 1/4" on either end. It should be long enough to wrap completely around the circumference of the cap.
  2. Cut a square of the high-impact foam 1-3/4" on a side and cut off the corners of this piece to give an octagonal shape.
  3. Apply the spray adhesive to the long piece and wrap it around the pipecap. Try not to compress this foam too much.
  4. Apply the spray adhesive to the octagon and stick it in the opening at the butt end of the pommel.
  5. Use the left-over strip from the edge and any other stray pieces you need to pad the inner portion of the pommel, applying the spray adhesive as necessary to hold the foam.
  6. Use duct tape to cover and protect the foam covering the pommel. You can use the duct tape to shape the pommel, somewhat, by compressing parts of the foam a little.

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