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Padding the blade edge

  1. Cut a piece of 1/2" high-impact foam, 3/4"-7/8" wide for the sword edge. You can either cut two pieces that extend the length of the blade or one piece long enough to go all the way from the cross, around the tip and back down to the cross (on the sword edge).
    It is better to cut these pieces too long, because the foam should not be under tension when it is over the blade.
  2. Apply spray adhesive to the edge of the blade from cross to tip on both edges.
  3. Place the high-impact foam so that the 1/2" side is against the wood. The foam should stand out 3/4" from the sword blade. Run the foam all the way to the tip. Run the foam around the tip, applying as little tension as possible. Run the foam down the other side to the cross and cut off any excess.
  4. Wrap a piece of masking tape once around the blade and foam in two or three places to help hold the foam until the adhesive cures.

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