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PilotFORTH Documentation

Word Sets

ANS Forth separates the Standard Forth words into several Word Sets. Not all Word Sets must be implemented to have a conforming Forth environment. I have implemented some of four different word sets to take some of the burden off Neal.

  • core-ext.4th
  • tools.4th
  • string.4th
  • exceptn.4th


  • basics.4th
  • systrapu.4th
  • cstrings.4th
  • asciiz.4th
  • list.4th
  • time.4th
  • strbuf.4th
  • group.4th
  • groupext.4th
  • grpcatch.4th
  • pairs.4th
  • cpairs.4th
  • gpairs.4th

Debugging Utilities

  • debug.4th
  • redefine.4th
  • profiler.4th

Serial Support

  • serial.4th
  • serconst.4th
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